Group Orders

Group and bulk orders are quite welcome and a discounted price based on the size of the order may be available. Please e-mail to enquire about a group or bulk order with a complete list of what you would like to order including material and finish to see if you qualify for a discounted price. Group orders must be placed by a single designated individual and must be shipped to a single shipping address.

Wholesale Orders

WWholesale inquiries are quite welcome. As a wholesale customer you will enjoy lower prices then even the bulk or group discount. There are of course strings attached. A minimum first time order of 25 or more items must be placed in order to become a wholesale customer. Wholesale purchasers must be using the armor for resale or in the construction of items for resales i.e. shield bosses to make finished shields with. Resellers may not sell items bought from me on e-bay unless I have given permission.

For more information about Group orders of two handed sword. Click here.…